Dating management system

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International is proud to present the most authoritative source of information for international software developers of warehouse management systems.For further information on any of these companies, do not hesitate to contact us.

In this time, we have developed detailed solutions for nearly every area of mine operations, while maintaining a balanced perspective and sustainable growth.

The DISPATCH fleet management system for open pit mines allows your mine to maximize production and efficiency, while increasing safety and control.

Using state-of-the-art field hardware and communications software, along with best-practice business processes, the DISPATCH system provides industry-proven fleet optimization.

The Speed Alert module continuously measures the GPS velocity of mobile equipment.

As a truck passes through points of interest—a virtual speed trap—Speed Alert compares its speed with pre-configured upper and lower speed limits, for full and empty conditions.

The DISPATCH© System is engineered to help operators, supervisors, dispatchers, and managers work together to achieve your mine's top-level goals.

Position Tracking The Position Tracking module plots the GPS position of equipment against a map of the mine.Also, high-speed cornering is remotely detected using the Speed Alert module.Early detection and feedback help minimize this behavior.module helps you maximize the performance and life cycle of your haul truck tires.TKPH/TMPH planning utilities allow you to evaluate the impact of prospective haulage paths, and you can manage TKPH/TMPH limits on a tire-by-tire basis.system is the most trusted fleet management solution in the mining industry today.

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