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The self-sufficient lifestyle of these settlers continued until the early twentieth century.

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Another railroad, from Brunswick to Albany, passed north of the swamp in 1870.

Indians occupied the Okefenokee during the late Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian periods of Georgia prehistory. Sand mounds were constructed in the swamp during this period.

The major occupations were during the Weeden Island and Savannah periods, around A. Spanish records between 16 refer to Okefenokee as Laguna de Oconi (Lake Oconi).

Many articles extolling the wonders of the Okefenokee wilderness were published in newspapers, magazines, and books.

A number of writers urged that the swamp be purchased as a refuge.

The Okefenokee was a Creek hunting ground in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Briefly in 1836 and for most of 1838 the Second Seminole War in Florida extended into the Okefenokee. They burned down a Seminole village on an island that they subsequently renamed Floyds Island, for Charles Rinaldo Floyd.

The Okefenokee Swamp covers nearly 700 square miles, almost all of which is in Georgia.

It has a long history as a wilderness, a public common, and a refuge.

A railroad from Valdosta to Jacksonville was completed in 1898, closing the ring of railroad tracks around the swamp.

Industrialization brought jobs at sawmills, turpentine stills, and on the railroads.

Learning from the mistakes of the Suwanee Canal Company, the Hebard Lumber Company carefully studied the timber of the swamp and decided to employ railroads to harvest cypress.