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But when Italy joined the Allies in World War I, they began to win a greater degree of acceptance.1920s: Northern Italian stone workers from Treviso and Udine settled in Auckland and set up businesses manufacturing terrazzo tiles.As late as 1966, 72% of all terrazzo workers were Italian.1925: Club Italiano was established in Auckland.1945: During World War II, Italy allied itself with Hitler and was declared an enemy.

With a government policy that encouraged chain migration, whole families were reunited in New Zealand and close-knit communities developed as people from the same areas in Italy joined their fellow villagers in the new country. Families from Stromboli, one of Italy's Aeolian Islands, helped to establish the fishing industry at Island Bay.

It was a dismal failure and the friars returned to Italy in 1873.

A small group of Italians arrived in the 1860s during the New Zealand gold rush.

Points of etiquette that apply to both countries include the following: There is a growing contingent in Australia who dislike the misuse of the word please especially when a request impinges on the other person's boundaries and the requester sounds like a whiner.

One should not expect to hear the word "please" attached to a request for them to disengage from an unwelcome or unlawful behaviour.

Approximately 38 Italian men were interned on Somes Island in Wellington Harbour.

When Italy later joined the Allies, public opinion reversed as Italians assisted New Zealand soldiers in Italy.

Diplomatic relations with Italy began in 1951.1946: After World War II, more women and children arrived in New Zealand as part of the migration chains.

A small number of Italian women arrived as brides of New Zealand soldiers.1951: 130 refugees from provinces ceded to Yugoslavia arrived in New Zealand as displaced persons.

As the perception of behaviors and actions vary, intercultural competence is essential.

However, a lack of knowledge about the customs and expectations of people in Australia and New Zealand can make even the best intentioned person seem ignorant, inconsiderate or even rude.

Dating from the mid-1870s, Italians facing a bleak future began emigrating to other countries in what was to become one of the greatest mass movements from a single country in modern history.