Dating on the chive

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Dating on the chive - Dating granny in toronto

Ching twists the dough into a peak to close the wontons and then simmers them in a wok half-filled with water for a much healthier preparation than frying.

She uses little more than a tablespoon of oil and one or two tablespoons of low-sodium soy sauce to soften and flavor the dish's fragrant vegetables .

First she roasts pork loin with a sweet-and-tangy peach barbecue sauce (with ginger, garlic and soy Asian notes) and then stir-fries the cooked meat with a medley of vegetables and aromatic Chinese five-spice powder.

Lee Anne Wong gives pub fare a fiery kick by braising chicken wings in a Szechuan peppercorn and dried chile-spiked ale before frying them; the reduced braising sauce gives them a sticky, spicy finish.

This Chinese take on kebabs requires no dipping sauce – it has been marinated with a medley of Eastern spices, grilled to charred perfection and sprinkled with both chile flakes and cumin for a fiery, textured finish.

Unlike the iconic Peking duck, crispy duck is simple to make at home (and is just as tasty and popular in Sichuan province restaurants).

Stir-fried shrimp, assorted veggies and hearty egg noodles are generously coated in Kelsey’s salty and spicy sauce.

Seasoned with what Kelsey calls the "trinity" of Chinese cooking — garlic, ginger and scallions — this better-than-takeout dish is ready in little more than 30 minutes.

Feel free to omit the chicken strips for a vegetarian preparation and add extra chiles if you want to amplify the heat.

To fill wontons – the thinner-skinned version of Chinese dumplings – Ching mixes ground pork and shrimp with a medley of salty, nutty and bittersweet ingredients.

Thin and tender rice noodles do a spectacular job of soaking up the deliciously nutty and spicy peanut-chile-sesame sauce, while the bean sprouts and Chinese cabbage add a pleasant crunch in this traditional Chinese side dish.

Served over steamed jasmine rice, Ching's "posh" take on chopped suey has little in common with greasy takeout versions of the recipe.

Loaded with fresh vegetables and lean strips of chicken, it's a quick and healthy dish that possesses plenty of authentic flavor, thanks to ingredients like oyster sauce, Chinese five-spice powder and dried red Sichuan chile flakes.