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The older a tool or technique is, the greater the chance they will have a mechanism to detect it.The key to making good AV software is to have a complete database of all malware signatures.

The template that creates the payloads has a signature, so no matter how we re-encode our payload, it still has a known signature.For instance, if a file begins to replace several system files, it's probably malware.If a piece of software is trying make a TCP connection back to a known malicious IP address, it's probably malware. As hackers, we often are required to get past antivirus (AV) software or other security measures.To do so effectively, we need to have some understanding of how AV software works.The beauty of working with Snort is that its signature database is open and viewable to anyone.

In the screenshot below, you can see some of the rules or signatures from the file from Snort.

In addition, they have users all over the globe who send them suspicious malware they find.

These signatures, as I'm sure you guessed, are only effective on known malware.

The key to defeat the AV with this module is to use a new template.

In some cases, it is not possible to have a signature for all malware, and in those cases, the AV developers attempt to deploy heuristic techniques to detect malware.

A zero-day attack would have a signature and therefore would likely go undetected by the antivirus software.

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