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Dating scan today - dads against daughters dating com

Then I had a scan at 7w3d and using an average of the measurements taken it come back at 6w6d, this changed my due date from 31/5/16 to 4/6/16.OB wants to go with 4/6/16 but GP said because I was having my cycles tracked at the time she is 110% when ovulation occurred.

Look forward to seeing lots of little bubs on scan pics! Would love to make sure everything is ok and possibly find out the gender (if I'm talking about the right thing? My scan isn't until the 20th but I'll be sure to update you all then.But the paperwork I got from Monash IVF said that at the 12-week scan they can now diagnose if you're likely to develop pre-eclampsia - has anyone heard about that? I got to see the heart beat though which was really cool.Has anyone else measured differently to what they thought they were?Hi wanting, my scan results have me about 4 days behind my dates.My doc said we will go with my dates, as its less than 5 days.Experience watching your baby’s facial expressions – smiling – yawning – sleeping.

Amazing experience seeing my little baby in 4D at 15 weeks for the first time! Going back next week to see if I can find out the gender of my baby!

The scan dates don't really make sense to me, it would have made my regular cycle a lot later and conception a lot more difficult.

There's a range of normal, not every baby can be exactly the same, and just the slightest discrepancy in the measuring can throw it off by days.

I wasn't planning on the NT testing at 12 weeks, as the embryo was genetically tested (not for a particular issue, just unexplained mcs).

Last time I just had a scan to look and see that all looked good before announcing, and I was still nervous. I thought I was 6 1 but the specialist said that I'm a touch under 6 weeks and have to go back next week to get a better estimate of date.

I was 100% sure of my dates with DD (also IVF), and she was measuring about 4 days behind at 7 weeks, 2 days behind at 10 weeks and spot on at 12 weeks.

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