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Dating site ayn rand fans - university study on online dating

Looking for a relationship in which your partner will never, ever put your needs first? “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life . Perhaps that’s why there are scores of women on Match, OKCupid and other sites who specifically exclude Rand’s followers.

• Trek Dating – A place for hardcore Star Trek fans to get together, plus it's Starfleet's official dating service.

Lest you think this whole site is a fishy tale, Jezebel did a little research and found out that, yes, you can find, "romance on the seven seas." Go get some.

The Atlasphere The dating section on The Atlasphere helps connect Ayn Rand fans with each other.

Even if they did exist, they wouldn't be able to use keyboards, right?

But given that we are a full-service site catering to stylish women of all ages, we figured we should include this to satisfy any of you who've passed on.

On the other, you can peruse sites for people with highly specialized tastes.

Discovering niche dating sites is some of the best comedy you can find; here are some of my favorites:• Date My Pet – A site where men and women are equally interested in finding a date for their pets as they are for themselves.

“People who take Ayn Rand very seriously, and are no longer in college, always strike me as intellectually or at least morally unsophisticated, and quite possibly a little crazy,” says Maura Kelly, co-author of “Much Ado About Loving: What Our Favorite Novels Can Teach You About Date Expectations, Not So-Great Gatsbys, and Love in the Time of Internet Personals.” Kelly once dated a man who dabbled in objectivism.

Every time he championed “A-yun Rand,” overpronouncing her name, Kelly winced.

But that doesn't mean y'all lack romance — what's sweeter than trying to find someone to cuddle with at the end of the world?

Ghost Singles Like Plumberdate, Super Harmony, and scads of other dating sites, Ghost Singles is clearly a joke.

Not so much with the average Joe or Jane who wants to get a cup of coffee and maybe see the new movie version of “Atlas Shrugged.” The rest of us must be resigned to dealing with our share of meatbots.