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The platform adopted by the platform committee was described by NBC News and by columnist Katrina vanden Heuvel as the most progressive in party history, largely reflecting the influence of platform-committee members appointed by Bernie Sanders.Although Sanders could have chosen, under party rules, to force a vote on the convention floor using a "minority report" process, he decided not to do so, with Gunnells telling supporters that the campaign had successfully secured the adoption of many of its platform goals and "that further platform fights would be portrayed in the corporate media as obstructionist and divisive".

Prior to the meeting of the full Platform Drafting Committee, eight meetings in four regions (Mid-Atlantic, Southwest, Midwest, and Southeast) were held: a forum with testimony in Washington, D. on June 8 and 9; a forum with testimony in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 17 and 18; a drafting committee meeting in St.Clinton and Kaine would go on to lose the general election to Republican ticket of Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence in the electoral college, despite winning the popular vote by two percentage points.In 2016, the Republican and Democratic conventions were held in late July before the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, instead of after the Olympics as in 20.Delegates at the convention also adopted a party platform, through a voice vote, to take to the 2016 elections, touted as the "most progressive" platform in the Democratic Party's history.The progressive shift was often credited to Sanders and the influence of platform-committee members appointed by him.Tim Kaine gave his vice presidential nomination acceptance speech on the third day of the convention, while Chelsea Clinton introduced Hillary Rodham Clinton to give her presidential nomination acceptance speech on the final day.

Clinton's speech was generally well-received, and she would go on to have a 7% convention bounce in national polling.One reason why the Republican Party scheduled its convention in July was to help avoid a longer, drawn-out primary battle (as in 2012).The Democrats then followed suit, scheduling their convention the week after the Republicans' convention, to provide a quicker response.The convention was not without controversy, as it was subject to various conflicts between supporters of the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party.In the week prior to the convention, various emails from the Democratic National Committee, the governing body of the Democratic Party, were leaked and published, showing bias against the Sanders' campaign on the part of the Committee and its chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.The Clinton Campaign’s Senior Policy Advisor Maya Harris and the Sanders Campaign’s Policy Director Warren Gunnels represented their respective campaigns as official, non-voting members of the Drafting Committee.

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