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AT&T stated I owed $273.47 and was past due $89.97.

In recent history, the company was known as SBC Communications after the government break-up of the original AT&T in 1983.I spent several hours on the phone and internet talking to representatives.I sent letters and “chat” online with AT&T about my situation.We did finally managed to secure the number from a third-party website, but we’re curious why Bloomin’ Brands doesn’t just share the phone number.The corporate office is located on the east coast, so customers should call between AM and PM ET.SBC purchased AT&T in 2005 and took on their brand, logo and marketing for the entire company. In 2008, the AT&T corporate office moved from San Antonio to Dallas. On June 8, 2017 Christine (Employee#KM5655) a DIRECTV representative offered me a DIRECTV family package.

There have been many recent acquisitions including Cellular One, Centennial Communications, Wayport Inc. AT&T is currently the largest provider of fixed and mobile telephone services in the US. The representative stated that I could lower my total monthly cable bill if I got an AT&T-Direc TV bundle package.The Outback phone number you’re calling is the phone number for Bloomin’ Brands.If you call after business hours or during a scheduled holiday you will be transferred to the message center.I agreed to a 1 year AT&T-Direc TV bundle contract for the bundled services.A phone installation date of June 14, 2017 was set. Christine stated that I would be charged 0 if I cancelled my bundled service agreement within 1 year.If you want to contact the corporation behind Outback customer service, you can visit the corporate website at There are three social media sites companies are most likely to join – Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

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