Dating techniques in archaeology

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The area in question is a portion of the Juan De Fuca Plate in Cascades Subduction Zone, 12 miles off the coast of Oregon, between the Coos and Winchester Bays.

Archaeology and anthropology are the study of historic human remains and the objects, buildings and other artefacts associated with them.

Forensic archaeologists and anthropologists can apply the same techniques to crime scenes, to get evidence from human remains, as well as from drugs, guns or stolen goods found at crime scenes, whether recent or decades old.

A forensic archaeologist’s first involvement may be to help the police locate the site where a body and victim’s personal items, or stolen goods are buried, through geological and geophysical surveying techniques, as well as using imaging and photography.

I have tried to find this articles and can’t find anything on it, even in Childress’ book. The article is attributed with the claim that there were man-made artifacts found in the sunken mountains. Plus the mummified corpses of porpoises and whales.

I don’t know what one is supposed to do with the other, but there it is.

To be honest, I don’t see anything that looks like a underwater city.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t archaeological sites that have been found underwater, or drowned cities for that matter.

But this area, and the Cobb Seamount mentioned in Patterson’s article, don’t appear to be either of those.

Patterson makes the claim that there is physical evidence of a sunken civilization off the coast of Washington State, but fails to cite this or provide any actual evidence in the article itself.

Because of this, archaeologists who use these images also implement Ground Truthing, which for us means going to the area in question and looking at it.

Either we survey it, or excavate it, even underwater. Unfortunately, the Google Earth images above are only a guess of what Szalewski might be talking about.

(Patterson 20)” The problem is none of what Patterson is trying to conclude is supported by anything in the article.

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