Dating violence laws canada

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Dating violence laws canada - capshaw dating kate spielberg steven

Contact the Victim Services Unit at 902.490.5300 for more information on how to make any changes to the no contact order.

The purpose again is to provide safety to the victim: the victim has an opportunity to get some physical space and time away from the abuser.Once the police find out (from the victim or otherwise) that the abuser has breached their no contact order, the abuser/accused will be charged by police.This can be difficult for victims who want to have contact with the abuser/accused.Men who are abusive toward their intimate partners may also be abusive with others, however they are often only choosing to be abusive towards their intimate partner.Acting abusively is a choice, and abusers need to take responsibility to change their behaviour and get professional help. It is criminal behaviour that abusers use deliberately and purposefully to gain power and control over others.Research shows that children who witness violence are more likely to grow up to become victims or abusers.

Toronto’s Victim Services provide a helpful and detailed guide to safety planning, with translations in 10 languages.As a result, in the investigation of intimate partner/spousal abuse, police officers must lay charges where there is reasonable evidence that an offence took place.The victim does not lay the charges, the police do, unlike other assaults not involving intimate partners.To do that, several things need to be looked at, like: what type of relationship there is between the person being abused or harassed and the person doing the abuse/harassment; the age of the person being abused or harassed; and the type of abuse or harassment.Then, the law says what type of protection someone can ask for and what he or she has to prove to get it.#Say Something - aims to end the silence by encouraging all British Columbians to speak up and learn how they can safely help.

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