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Dating website wiki

However, he does not fully come clean about his ongoing feelings for her, and claims that he had a crush on her only when they first met.

Minutes later, Jim walks in and quickly kisses her.It is clear from early in the series that Pam and Jim are very close friends; they are frequently found chatting, and devising pranks to play on Dwight.While she does appear cognizant of the fact that Roy is not Jim's favorite person, Pam seems to be oblivious of Jim's romantic interest in her throughout the first season, and either ignorant or in denial of her love for him.Pam becomes bewildered when Jim tells her that he is dating Karen (who also joined the Scranton branch), and that he has decided to "give up" his old, prankster ways. Jim, noticing that Pam is saddened by his new attitude, decides after a period, to aid Pam in her pranks.Pam and Jim are, for a time, comfortable that their friendship remains intact.Pam received the "Whitest Sneakers Award," something secretly engineered by Jim when he saw how upset she was at the prospect of receiving yet another "Longest Engagement" Dundie.

After her jubilant acceptance speech, Pam drunkenly kisses Jim full on the lips in front of everyone, an event which has not been discussed or acknowledged since.

| Jan informed Pam about an internship in graphic design that Dunder Mifflin is sponsoring in New York.

Pam is hesitant at first, but after encouragement from Jan and Jim, decided to pursue the program.

Visibly shaken by his confession, she gently tells him she cannot pursue a relationship with him.

Afterward, Pam retreats to the darkened office to call her mother.

Pam is happily surprised when, after a Stamford-Scranton merger, Jim returns to his previous position.