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Warners Holidays, owners of the property, must be congratulated on the support they have given before and during the event and for allowing unlimited access to the public rooms after the unveiling.

Men from the regiment's three parachute infantry battalions were billeted in the nearby villages of Aldbourne, Chilton Foliat, Froxfield and Ramsbury, where a strong bond of friendship developed among the regiment and the people of the area, a bond that continues to this day.Littlecote House is an old Tudor manor dating from the late 15th Century. Training began on 7th November and by June The regiment consisted of three battalions and each battalion possessed four companies.It lies in beautiful parkland beside the river Kennet about two miles north-west of Hungerford and three miles east of Ramsbury. In September 1943 the 506th requisitioned the house and it became home to regimental staff, regimental headquarters company and headquarters company 1st Battalion. A and B Companies of the 1st Battalion and the entire 2nd Battalion were sent to the village of Aldbourne which lies eight miles north-west of Hungerford and 12 miles south of Swindon.Despite heavy casualties their mission was a success and during the middle of July they returned to their camps around Littlecote to regroup and replace losses.At a memorial service held in Littlecote Park on 27th August the regiment paid tribute to the missing and the dead.On D-Day June 6th 1944 the regiment took part in the airborne assault of the Cherbourg peninsular.

Its mission was to secure and hold a number of bridges and causeways behind Utah beach before capturing the small Norman town of Carentan.

FOR MORE DETAILS SEE During September 1943 the regiment crossed the Atlantic on the SS Samaria arriving at Liverpool on 15th. All other ranks lived in Nissen huts built alongside the main drive between the house and the east lodge.d artillery observers in non parachute units would need to qualify as parachutists.

It then moved south by rail to Wiltshire and was accommodated in the villages of Aldbourne, Chilton Foliat, Froxfield and Ramsbury. To enable these men to qualify in this role the 101st Parachute Jump School was set up on 21st October 1943 in the grounds of the 502nd Battalion area at Chilton Foliat Camp.

The regiment had suffered 983 casualties, including 231 men killed in action.

Two months passed before they were sent back into combat when the division took part in Operation 'Market Garden' (the invasion of Holland).

The men of the 506th Regiment were among the first soldiers to go into action on D-Day.

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