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He often feels overlooked in the plans of Miles, Chip, and Alaska. Search for Meaning- After Alaska’s death, Pudge and Colonel investigate the circumstances surrounding the traumatic event.While looking for answers, the boys are subconsciously dealing with their grief, and their obsession over these answers transforms into a search for meaning.

Learning of Pudge's obsession with famous last words, Alaska informs him of Simón Bolívar's: "Damn it. " The two make a deal that if Pudge figures out what the labyrinth is, Alaska will find him a girlfriend.There is much tension between Pudge's friends and the Weekday Warriors because of Paul's expulsion.Takumi claims that they are innocent because their friend Marya was also expelled during the incident.As a way of celebrating Alaska's life, Pudge, the Colonel, Takumi, and Lara team up with the Weekday Warriors to hire a male stripper to speak at Culver's Speaker Day. He remembers Alaska died on the morning after the anniversary of her mother's death and concludes that Alaska felt guilty for not visiting her mother's grave.In her rush, she might have been trying to reach the cemetery or might have committed suicide out of guilt.The story is told through teenager Miles "Pudge" Halter, as he enrolls at a boarding school to try to gain a deeper perspective on life, and was inspired by Green's experiences as a high school student.

He meets one student in particular, Alaska Young, who he falls in love with as she guides him through his own "labyrinth of suffering." After her unexpected death, he is forced to work through his internal "labyrinth" himself as he and his close friends attempt to uncover the truth behind Alaska's death.

Afterwards, Pudge grows closer to Lara, and they start dating.

A week later, after another 'celebration', an intoxicated Alaska and Pudge spend the night together.

She acts as a confidante to her friends, frequently assisting them in personal matters, including providing them with cigarettes and alcohol.

She is described as living in a "reckless world." The second half of the novel focuses around the car accident that took her life and the other characters coping with not knowing if it was an accident or a suicide. He is the strategic mastermind behind the schemes that Alaska concocts, and in charge of everyone's nicknames.

He forgives Alaska for dying, as he knows Alaska would forgive him for letting her go.