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And the company has discovered it can test large projects for as little as $1,000.“If you’re spending time on building a business case before you have proved there is consumer interest in your idea via a small scale test, you’re not failing fast. You can test the concept of a large project for as little as $1,000.” Domino’s empowers all of its employees to come up with ideas and encourages teams to learn from other markets and industries.

Most companies have risk avoidance hardwired into their operations.Alternatively, some treat their agile development team as a start-up inside the firm.Leaders build ‘fail fast’ behaviours into their operations – deliberately becoming open to failure.In many ways, Domino’s still thinks of itself as a collection of small businesses.Local rivalry with other geographies is strongly encouraged.No, but that's how it evolved and that's the direction it went into.

So which came first the consumer or the business or the business or the consumer?That was then the global market, anybody who wanted to upload any kind of video for any kind of usage and look where that go them, absolutely sensational.Facebook, designed for student's interaction on campus, that was the whole idea so it's very very simple.I have no idea, she's got something stuck to her and it could have been anything. Sean Parker comes into Facebook and nobody knows what the real story is apart from the guys internally but that's when it started evolving really really heavily, really quickly at a rapid pace and it went mainstream.So obviously somewhere along the way the conversation went to anybody can use this, not just students, now did Zuck think about that at the very beginning?Hi, my name is Heddi, I'm, oh I've got a big fat lump here with me.