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Meredith tells Katharine she can't stop thinking about kissing Derek, which is making surgery difficult. Alex tries to reconcile himself to the fact that he might be a father. It's good news and reflects well on the hospital, but they both suspect Yang might have a problem with it.

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She apologizes for being late, but they just got started.

They set up a simulation with fluorescein, which helps them to visualize the tumor. George tells her she's the only person in the whole hospital who's exempt. Rose asks George what they mean with romantic relationships, as there are different levels of intimacy. Erica says she publishes more and does more research than Burke, so she deserved that award. She asks Callie to meet at Joe's tonight, but Callie says she has this other thing. Darren knows Todd is supposed to deploy in five days, but Todd says that was before he knew about the brain tumor.

Mark comes over to ask Callie to tell the nurses he's a good guy. Darren tells him not to do this to himself as he's a soldier, it's who he is. But sir, when his hand was shaking, I performed his surgeries.

Bailey knocks again as there's no response except for giggling. She tells Bailey not to judge her and closes the door.

Hahn is asking a group of doctors some questions about a patient, who needs a heart transplant but has had a special treatment to suppress her immune system in order for her not to reject the donor heart, for which she was at high risk. Mark was paged by the Chief, who received a call from HR this morning. She wanted to check because Cristina passed on a really awesome case. I've been a single woman for some time now, but the very idea that I could have a sexual encounter, a consensual sexual encounter.a joke to you!

The kissing is not going to happen because he's with Rose, Meredith says. She comments that she's not meaning to torture him, she just doesn't take sex with the new guy lightly. It's revealed to be an article about Burke winning the Harper Avery Award. Izzie is amazed that they know someone who won the Harper Avery.

Alex asks her to ask Meredith if Rebecca can move in.George reminds himself he needs to go get Cristina's form, but Lexie says he shouldn't go near her. He gives the form to George and Lexie can't believe Alex forgot. Derek says he slept with Rose, but he was thinking about Meredith the whole time. Cristina is lying awake in bed, caught up in her thoughts. Katharine repeats it's a load of crap and draws the parallels for Meredith. Meredith stands up and says she's not gonna do this. Darren survived the surgery, but that night, he coded and was unable to be resuscitated. A donor heart finally came through, but before she could be taken in for the surgery, Alex was forced to break isolation so he could re-inflate her collapsed lung. Meredith tells Cristina to stop singing, but Cristina continues. The tragic patient dies alone while the love of his life is literally in the next room. She's dying alone while telling herself she's a hero, while all she is, is alone. Katharine says that as long as Meredith can't see what's wrong with that sentence, they're not going to get anywhere. Katharine asks if she knows why Derek is not with her. Meredith asks if Katharine is calling her a coward. He had developed encephalitis, which is what killed him. Because she may have been exposed to something, she wasn't able to receive the heart transplant. I'm awkward and am bad at small talk and generally don't like people I don't know... They enter the conference room and find out the union rep turns out to be Adele. There have been complaints about Sloan, which the hospital has ignored up until now. The guy from HR says there have been no official harassment complaints, but the board has decided to protect itself from possible future litigation. Adele tells Richard this is not about the money, as she has 50% of his. Lexie doesn't know what to do and decides to sing along, but Cristina makes it clear she has to go by giving her a look. One of Kyra's daughters asks Alex if he likes princesses. She wants to know what happens after they take out her mother's broken heart. Izzie asks Bailey if she can give test results to a patient's friend because she can't reach her patient. He didn't call me back, he's dating other women..." He's nasty! So let us all close our knees, and get back to our jobs, so he can get back to his job and help the people that really need it. So as of now, co-workers have to register relationships with each other. What she needs is to be taken seriously and she loves to be working again. Lexie goes to chart and Cristina returns to singing and cutting. He says they put her on a heart-lung machine and compares it so Snow White when she dies for while after eating the poisonous apple. Bailey says no, even when that friend is about to turn his life over because he thinks the patient is pregnant while she's not. Meredith wants psychiatry tools to get over it because they have their fifth trial patient today.