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They appeared to range in age from their late teens to their forties from what I could tell.

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He wasn’t huge or anything but you could tell he worked out regularly.

His hair was jet black and had a military style cut.

In fact, when I first saw him I thought he might be in the Marines.

As I got out of my car and walked to the restroom I passed a group of Latino men speaking Spanish that were standing next to a pick up truck.

Based on the gear in the back of the truck it appeared they were landscapers.

We would have to play a game where one person would wear stove mittens and try to unwrap the gift while the next person would have to flip a cup that had to land standing up.

Once the cup landed right they would then take the stove mittens and continue trying to unwrap the present.

I was staying at a large resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

The place was filled with straight couples but I didn’t mind because I was in town to visit family not to fool around.

I would swim many laps to get my exercise and then I would lay out in the semi private backyard either in a pair of speedos or I would get brave and tan fully nude if I knew she wasn’t home.

One afternoon as I was laying out on my stomach when I heard a noise coming from the side of house. ” By Jessie of Fontana, CA (December 6th, 2017) My first time doing it with a Latin guy happened someplace I would never have expected.

I live with my parents and they are pretty strict and don’t like me to have friends come over at night but they happened to be out of town for the weekend so I said OK.

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