Encyclopedia dramatica dating sim

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Encyclopedia dramatica dating sim

For details on the ED forum about Chris, please see Chris-chan (forum).

As the saying goes, the opera is not over till the fat lady sings.

Analysis: Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a cesspool of lies, defamation, obscenity, and hate, operated in the most irresponsible way possible.

According to one source, the site does contain a few satirical articles.

With the news that Brian Zaiger no longer owns the site, and that a budding school killer used the site as his platform, a question arises of whether law enforcement might finally care that this site is being used to harm and cyberstalk so many innocent victims. I have long suggested to the people of Encyclopedia Dramatica that they have memberships, and then allow any member to write any lies or garbage about any other member -- and leave everyone else out of it.

It's real simple -- if you think the site and what it does are good, then you join and all of you do it to each other, and leave the "normal" people out of it. This may sound silly to the "kids," who hang out on ED -- though many of them are actually adults, albeit immature ones.

Immediately after typing this, Chris demanded that the CWCipedia Sysop to copy over all the hyperlinks from the original ED article so Chris can add those to his own wiki. In order to maintain his jaw-droppingly destrucive lifestyle, as we will explore, Chris has had to sacrifice any of the normal human customs practiced in modern society, and seems to have synthesized an entirely new list of traits which he believes better-equips him to indulge in his trademark fantastical escapism via invented comic book characters, (Such of my personal views do help make life more easier in my point of view, and the few considerably "Sacrificed Normal Human Customs", I. I am cool with that theory, and the only males I hate are those that are Trolls and those who truly hate me back.) He employed his famous "looking for a boyfriend-free girl" sign in two places: (actually Four Places; a Wal-Mart and a Target in addition to the following two) the Fashion Square Shopping Center and Piedmont Virginia Community College.

Chris also suffers from a sever case of unwarranted self-importance, the only cure for which would be to remove his head from his consequently gaping a**. The dean, mary Lee Walsh, reasonably assumed that Chris was publicly soliciting for sex, (Of which I was Not Soliciting for anything Other Than Honest Friendship that would become a True Honest Sweetheart Relationship over reasonable time) had the sign destroyed (She destroyed this one sign Herself) and banned from the school for a year.That might limit his capacity to engage in the counterclaim litigation.In more tragic news, an Encyclopedia Dramatica sysop or admin named William Edward Atchison terrorized a high school, shooting and killing two students and then killing himself.How would you "kids" like it if your friends on ED were calling your father a pedophile or posting sexual lies about your aunt? How about the idea of respecting the dignity of others and allowing them their good reputations, without you harming them?How would you like it if those lies were keeping your family member from getting a job, or a business opportunity, or a place to live? These are basic human rights you are being asked to respect.At the time of this writing, Chris has found neither the time nor the conviction to do so. Since then, he became obsessed with her (But I have got over the obsession recently.) and depicts her within his comic as a (The character, Slaweel Ryam, has her powers within her own person) and occasionally a broomstick.

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