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Annie sent the lists to me so I could share it with other INFJs. At first it was just funny to see her curating conversation everyday and assiduously moderating her group.

Now you need to decide what your next move will be – approach or retreat.But an INFJ is the person who can do that — they’ve infiltrated our lives and made us better people despite ourselves. It takes a brave person to pick the personality type that is most difficult for them, but Melissa and I are brave. A study conducted in 1989 assures that simple eye contact could make a person fall in love with you (Kellerman, Lewis, and Laird).And she was defensive and shut down and I said, “We can’t get anything done if you are defensive and shut down. ” She said she felt stupid for marrying someone like her husband and she hates having to tell people.She is having the classic INFJ problem: she judges everyone else so she assumes they judge her.” The person answered, “I’m an INTJ and I’m old.” I said, “You’re an INFJ.

An INTJ wouldn’t summarize their age like that.” She told me about her divorce.

When you look someone directly in the eyes, their body produces chemical called phenylethylamine that may make the person feel in love.

If you want to make someone fall in love with you, one of the first thing you should do is to look into their eyes.

It gets wider when you look at something you like, or when you think of something pleasant in a way that you almost see it.

So, here is the trick: first, look at something you like the most in your lover’s face, then look into their eyes.

Shyness often gets in the way of the intense eye contact — we rarely look in someone’s eyes if at all; it feels uncomfortable (check out this download if you want to boost your dating confidence).

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