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We’re pretty informal at the plant.” I smiled and replied, “The hours are fine, and I’m just so happy to have this opportunity, Jim.

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We talked everything over about the job and I thanked him for the opportunity.By the time I turned sixteen I was almost five feet and nine inches tall and weighed one hundred and twenty-five pounds.Being fit and strong, I was willing to do jobs that involved manual labor.The bad economy over the past several years has been devastating to many families.It has also made it hard for high school students to get decent summer jobs.My name is Katy, and I live with my parents Robin and Ed in a suburb of Cincinnati.

I turned sixteen in April and was going into my junior year of high school after the summer.

When we got there Jim gave me a brief introduction to three of his lead foremen, including Malcolm who would be my supervisor in the warehouse. Most of the floor space was taken up by various, sophisticated machines and assembly lines in a big open area.

We passed a walled-off section that looked to be maybe two thousand square feet in size that had a keypad on the door for restricted entry.

Several of my girlfriends were looking for work in retail clothing stores and grocery stores, but I didn’t limit myself to the types of work I was willing to do.

I am athletic and played competitive softball and volley ball.

I was always a tomboy growing up, and played rough and tumble games with the boys.