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For example, the Athlete Ally professional ambassador program consists of professional and international athletes and coaches helping to promote Athlete Ally’s mission.

The organization develops and facilitates LGBT awareness and ally trainings at scores of colleges and high schools.

According to Taylor, "We need to have a united athletic environment in order to be successful.

Even the smallest amount of homophobia or transphobia divides a team." Taylor believes that gay athletes have a unique platform from which to change the locker-room culture and that gay athletes in major sports leagues have a responsibility to come out.

Its programs often include meetings with athletic directors and staff and keynotes to groups ranging from entire student bodies to individual teams.

Athlete Ally also works closely with the NCAA and other Division I, II and III athletic conferences.

Soon after enrolling at the University of Maryland, he befriended LGBT students in his theatre classes and became increasingly aware of the pain caused by homophobic behavior.

Hudson, who is not gay, felt it was imperative that he confront an aspect of sports that no athlete should be proud of: sports marginalize LGBT athletes, coaches and others through systemic homophobia and transphobia.

The organization's programming includes a curriculum for student-athletes, including an NCAA guide, an ambassador program for youth, collegiate, professional and international athletes, who work to foster “allyship” in their athletic environments, workshops and resources for leadership and inclusion trainings for youth, pro and international sports participants and social mobilization campaigns, including the Principle 6 Campaign launched during the Sochi Olympics.

As an athlete in high school and college, Hudson Taylor often observed the use of homophobic language and demeaning humor, especially in sports.

The board works to implement the mission and vision of Athlete Ally and develop its strategic plan.

The board of directors includes Hudson Taylor, Mike Balaban, Sean Avery, Brian Ellner, Alison Grover, Laura Clise, Lia Parifax, Sam Marchiano, Frederick Raffetto, Frank Selvaggi, Robert Smith, Joe Solmonese, Mark Stephanz, Sandye Taylor, Andrew Ward, Deborah Block and Christine Quinn.

He decided to take action as a straight ally to change athletic culture for the better.