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Such self-hatred might explain why fat women are more likely to be criminals themselves - they somehow have less to lose.

While researching my new book Winning The Fat War, I discovered that you can call someone a big, fat pig and nobody will stop you.

As someone who has endured a ten-year battle with my weight, I know that being overweight has a huge impact on every area of your life.

Weight battle: Anne Diamond says it's easy to understand why fat women lose out in life It isn't just me. It's the ultimate insult, even if it's untrue - because it's not just about appearance.

Apparently, as a defence mechanism, we're programmed to view the obese as a health threat.

One professor from Canada told me our brains have evolved to react to excessive body fat in others, thinking that it may be an outward sign of disease - just as we recoil when we see rashes and inflammations. Darwinian it may be, but please let's evolve a little compassion and remember that fat people are human beings.

In the UK, you can be fired or refused a job because of your size.

There is no law preventing discrimination on the grounds of obesity.I wonder how we'd feel if our manager took us aside at work and told us that we were overweight and we were now enrolled on the company's Get Fit and Healthy programme? Rather like when a girlfriend bought me a pair of naughty knickers for my 50th birthday - they were lovely but ... If you are low, you're less likely to stick up for yourself - you actually feel you deserve bad treatment from society.That in turn leads to a mindset that means you'll give up your handbag to the next mugger, instead of defending yourself.They finish work so exhausted that the very thought of going to the gym, or cooking a healthy meal was plain ridiculous.Instead, she said: 'You grab a handful of Happy Meals and eat two on the bus home.' There may be a scientific reason for prejudice against fat.In other words, the absolute opposite of society's expectation of the ideal modern superwoman. shows that obesity and the cruel attitudes it engenders bites the female of the species even harder than the male.

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