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A few days later, I’d forgotten about this, until I noticed that after leaving my phone at my mum’s house, a bunch of new shows appeared in Google Now, along with the legend “Because of your interest in this show”.You’ll see two examples above: on the left, It won’t surprise you to learn that I don’t share the same taste in TV shows as my mum.

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This one, about a user noticing Google ads for everything he discussed with his wife, is particularly interesting, although too long to reproduce here.Various users across the web have claimed that something fishy is going on with their phones.They believe that smartphone microphones are being used to record what they say, with the information used to better target Google ads You might think you're smart enough to dodge manipulative advertisements -- and maybe you are smart enough -- but what about children? It sounds unlikely, but the anecdotal evidence is quite compelling.i asked a friend something about the best way to defog car windows…the next day when i open youtube the very first suggestion for me to watch was how to defog windows!Back in 2015, I noticed a startling similarity between my Google Now recommendations (Google Now is a popular Google alternative to Siri) and news updates, and the shows I’d recently been watching.

Keen to avoid spoilers, I had resisted the temptation to search for anything about the programs, so it was a surprise to see them listed.Online ads are increasingly targeting younger and younger folks. BBC Technology Report Zoe Kleinman reports an occasion when she learned of a friend’s death in tragic circumstances, only to find that her friend’s name, the accident, location and year were in the Google search box on her phone.Further stories on Reddit expand further, such as this from hawk8177:i was talking to a friend about a med he takes, next day im getting ads about that med…This is our most popular Canadian saying that we receive the most flack about from the rest of the world. They mock us by using “eh” in the most ridiculous phrases and they never get it right.So I am going to give you a quick lesson on how to use the word “eh”. All you have to do is make a statement like “It is a very nice day out today.” If you add “eh” to the end of that statement, you can turn it into a question that will require a friendly reply from the person you are talking to. ” To which the other person will reply “Yes it is.” See how easy it is?I have no issues with ads popping up related to things I’ve searched by voice or type.

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