Free online sex text chat without logging

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Free online sex text chat without logging

Incident Report 2662-93 SCP-2662 reported an anomalous transmission to the Foundation associated with a recent video game purchase. Subject's copy of ██████ ██████ █ came with an undocumented "bonus game" called .

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Subject voluntarily turned the game over to the Foundation.

I got a bunch of other humans guarding me and trying to keep it from happening.

You're this stone statue, and you're supposed to run around being a god or trying to become a god.

Despite being called a multiplayer game, the game does not connect to the Internet and no other players have been located.

SCP-2662 has fully cooperated with the Foundation and has released the following screenshots and transcripts from the time playing the game.

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It says I can't tell which way is out." Lord Beauremont(PC) tell 26Thulu62 "Hey!

" say idk it should be OUT or something 26Thulu62 say "idk it should be OUT or something" The Wilf(PC) say "I tried that, but the machine is on and I'm bouncing around like mad. I got something for you." WASHIG MACHINE bounce go WEST! Y 26Thulu62: …Dude, did you just buy me the Forms pack?!

You can't move while the humans are watching you in stealth mode, but they'll think you're just a normal statue, and you can queue moves while you wait. Lord Beauremont: They're all still upset about Omaha.

How about I take us to another part of the world nobody's spawned in, yet?

Everyone's angry that they're going to die out so they've been spending all their time and energy stuffing nasty things down a tiny hole they pulled the vaccine from. 26Thulu62: Wait, so they aren't like looking for fertility gods or something? I don't think the humans have figured out there are all these statues running around yet.

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