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Make sure your doctor prescribes bio-identical plant based progesterone.

If any occur when first starting its use this is due to 'oestrogen dominance'.

If you find the suppository too dry, adding some oil, yoghurt or butter to the outside is effective.

It's much easier to use as a pessary, inserting it into your vagina.

I have been taking Progesterone for three days and this morning I had some light spotting but not sure if I should worry.

I had my tubes tied in 1999 and have been pregnant three times in the past six years.

You should have been given the progesterone before you fell pregnant, as initially it stimulates oestrogen.

This means oestrogen has risen, which in turn would suppress progesterone, hence the spotting.In 2006 I had a ruptured tube that was removed and the other tube was retied.As of today I am on my third pregnancy as I mentioned and I would like to keep my baby.Now that you're not using the progesterone, the oestrogen has calmed down hence the symptoms are going.We do have a web page on oestrogen dominance you might like to look at, it explains everything. They should have made it clear the hormone to avoid is oestrogen.See here for details: women are often given progesterone suppositories to prevent a miscarriage.

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