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Free sex no bs site - funny quotes about dating and relationships

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It’s a day of harmless fun and reverie, yet there are those who project their own unhappiness onto others and do their best to damper the day for everyone.

I get that some people are genuinely sad to be alone, because that’s human.

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And I should qualify this by saying the focus is almost always on heteronormative relationships, which in this day and age remains problematic.

With that said, women still bear the brunt of shunning when it comes to answering the most popular question: “Do you have a valentine?Access everything you need with the convenience of your smart phone.Browse member profiles, contact new single women, and use Sex Search to its fullest with the best mobile dating site available.There will be no wormhole that will threaten to engulf half of the human population on “V-Day.” We do not need survival guides and support systems to help us come out alive and intact on the other side!The more we tell women that they’re somehow deficient and in need of saving or protection to make it through one single day, the more we perpetuate the idea that women are nothing without men in their lives to validate their existence.With every Valentine’s Day that rolls around, there arises a new chorus of lamentations about the impact of the holiday on the lives of single people, particularly women.