Gabon dating

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There will not be any after-date treats (if you know what I mean), and all will be documented with no bias.In some cases, I wil use examples of guys that I have dated in the past and will relate those stories too, but I will try and keep most of it as fresh as possible.

I have decided to go on 47 dates with 47 gorgeous men (well at least I hope they are gorgeous) from Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).The kind gentleman contacted me telephonically several times over the next few weeks, and we also had polite email conversation, following which he soon suggested we meet up.Now I don’t know, but for some reason I was not all that excited about the date, postponing several times.In between I would bump into him at a night spot I like to call West Africa Central – I’m sure many Joburg-ites would be able to guess this one.Every time; I would heartily promise to get back to him with an appropriate time for us to meet – shame.The guy is persistent because if it were me I would have said – “what the heck is so special about this lady that she can give me the run- around like this”.

I did eventually email him and suggested we do dinner or drinks and he happily obliged me.I have also found them to be quite gentlemanly and not the Sunglasses-In-The-Night wearing; Champagne-bottle-drinking; Model-Hanging; bling-bling wearing types that some West Africans are (no names mentioned).This guy was down to earth with a good honest living and for that he gets a 7/10 with the negative mostly related to a lack of chemistry between us.Amidst the xenophobic attacks in South Africa in 2008, I started to question what made us feel so different from the rest of our African counterparts.Why when we share so much in terms of culture and history with our fellow Africans do we feel so different.Conversation somehow drifted to work and we found out we worked for competing organizations doing exactly the same kind of work.

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