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Our breakfast engagement is the only time he has available right now.The fight he witnessed on the bus back to his Shoreditch digs last night notwithstanding, 'it feels really nice to be back in London.' But for this poetic young man, even casual street aggro adds to the 'tempo' of the place, just as it does in harum-scarum Mexico City.'London has a very special colour,' he rhapsodises in his furry, fluent, Spanish-accented English, 'looking at it objectively.

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He had no real plan other than to 'get lost' and possibly make for Moscow.

(Hello, Keanu.) But with García Bernal, you fall for his soulfulness.

And not just because he's hot'n'handsome, but possibly because of his lupine smile, dancing, brown-green eyes and thoroughly winning persona.

He lived all over north London, in Finsbury Park, Kilburn, Golders Green, Stoke Newington, Muswell Hill… The bar work, which started as fun but became boring. Pocket dynamo García Bernal - he says he's 170cm (5ft 7in) but looks shorter, broad, fit, a keen surfer and footballer - enjoyed the physical labour. When, the following year, the drama undergraduate made Y tu mamá también (And Your Mother Too), the ribald tale of two teenagers on a road trip with an older woman, he was on his way to becoming one of the most fêted, and intriguing, young actors around.'The first time I met Gael was in Madrid, when we were casting Y tu mamá también,' says Alfonso Cuarón, the film's director.

'I was waiting for him outside an underground station.

Intensely, with a dreamy flourish, with enthusiasm.

His speech doesn't follow the rules of grammar, or of interview convention.

He would retrieve the shot glasses he had stuck in the freezer early in the evening shift.

Vodka would hit frozen glass; Tabasco would pierce vodka.

But through the interpretation I have of it, I hold it very close.

Obviously the different mnemonics like smell or atmosphere - the swampiness of being in the Tube in the summer - bring back for me feelings of a place where I spent perhaps most of my post-inflicted adolescence.'This is how Gael García Bernal talks, even at this pre-caffeinated hour of the morning.

His enthusiasm for the mutable talent who lit up his Motorcycle Diaries positively sparks down the phone line from Brazil. Along with that burning desire of a 26-year-old, he also has the maturity of someone who is way older than he is - emotionally and intellectually.'It's not difficult to see what drew García Bernal to Blood Wedding, the elemental story of a bride who elopes with her former sweetheart Leonardo (García Bernal) on her wedding day - a day that ends with both the jilted groom and Leonardo dead.