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Gay dating in london - Cannot sign in to menchats

The pubs in Kent were closed by 2230 but the Bull and Pump known by most as the Pull and Dump was just getting going with the cabaret for the evening.

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I'm interested in hearing as MUCH history as possible about the Copa because it is going to be re-launched in Spring 2007 as a brand new gay venue "Coco Latté" a sophisticated 500-capacity lounge, bar and nightclub on the site of the old Copacabana Club.

Did you know about the Porchester Hall drag balls, the Giggolo restaurant in the Kings Road, the Bird Cage club at Chalk Farm tube station The Trade cinema in Berwick street upstairs was a sex shop down stairs they showed porn films, when the film ended you rang a bell downstairs and an assistant from upstairs would come down and put a new film on. The Premier Sauna was the only one in town based in Upper St martins Lane was converted into a hotel.

I remember the Biograph as I used to go on sunday afternoons the gays sat in the bottom left side ten rows, and troop off to the toilet walking infront of the screen, which invariably had Rock Hudson and Doris Day films playing.

The building is now a Gastro pub with the same name and the surrounding area is now all expensive apartments.

The other venue I used regularly on a Sunday evening was the Bull and Pump in Shoreditch High Street which had the same late licence as the LA.

The Biograph was owned for a time by the boxer Henry Cooper.

I met my first partner in the Biogrope as it was affectionately called.I chanced on the Stradivarius website and was glued to some of the reminiscences, particularly the Soho Cinema scene.I worked in the Colt at 6 Berwick Street early 1981 until late 1982.Was always nusy especially on a Saturday night,with the postage stamp sized dancefloor heaving.Have fond memories of witnessing a wet jock and apple bobbing contest in there.. Next was the legendary North London club Bolts @ Lazers on Green Lanes near Turnpike Lane.This was the first big gay club I went to and the first time I ever saw Divine live was here. Cheap drinks,big dancefloor,great crowd fantastic lights and the iconic DJ of the time Norman Scott. Does anyone else remember it or was a regular there?

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