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Ambrose also sings New Orleans-flavored ragtime with the seven-piece combo Lauren Ambrose and the Leisure Class.Ambrose has been married to professional photographer Sam Handel of Needham, MA since September 2001.

Dean Ambrose Talks About His Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ▸ While climbing up the ranks of the professional wrestling industry, Dean Ambrose dated Hellena Heavenly, a female wrestler several years his senior.

Oprah put together a reality TV show for the star on her network OWN, which followed Lindsay's attempts to get her life back on track following rehab and allowed her to present her side of the story to the public.

However, the KODE magazine article claims the star thought she may have been pregnant by her married lover when she was at Coachella, on April 14.

Probably not, because Chad has his dating show, coming out on VH1 in July.

Looks like they’ll have to keep their relationship under wraps for a while longer.after Chad Ochocinco and partner Cheryl Burke were voted off May 18.

So luckily for us, on this shoot, impossibly luxe price tags are off limits.

It's hard to choose between the looks as modelled by La Lohan, but ever the footwear fanatics, it was her shoes that caught our eye here.So will Chad and Cheryl be able to go public with their secret romance now?(Close pals Hopkins and Cox, 49, dodged rumors of their own romance after vacationing together in St.Either way, Chad got pretty far in the competition for having no dance experience whatsoever.Climbing those mountains, getting over those obstacles.In an interview with ABC after he danced the Waltz, Chad admitted that his lack of experience, “makes me more competitive.