Gnostic dating

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Gnostic dating

Some Orphean communities were not well-received, for they were viewed as a collection of useless outcasts.Still, they tended to be very scholarly, and a number of Orpheans established schools or academies which taught a “conventional” Greek curriculum.

Their discovery is considered equally significant as the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves, bringing to light a long-hidden wealth of information and insights into early Judaism and the roots of Christianity.

He played on his flute such stirring laments, that even Hades, in his halls, heard it, and was moved to tears.

He allowed Orpheus to come across the Styx and visit her, for only one day; he had to return by nightfall.

That belief system was known as Orpheanism, after the Greek hero Orpheus.

Orpheus was a son of Zeus, and an incredibly skilled musician.

Unfortunately, the majority of Orphean beliefs are lost to us.

This is not merely because of later Christian eradication of any record of them, but because they did not generally put any of their teachings in writing.

It was all but dead by the end of the 5th century, in spite of the contributions it made to the growth of Christianity.

In trying to understand Gnosticism, we face a serious problem: the fact that the Church eradicated all traces of Gnosticism, after wiping it out.

In a buried jar, were found a number of rolled-up manuscripts.

Scholars have determined them to have been at least partially Gnostic in nature, dated to about the turn of the 5th century.

Each text has its own introduction, and full indexes are provided.