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Group dating san diego

But in a separate — that reached North America before modern humans even migrated out of Africa.

Its findings include two main clusters of mastodon bone fragments that bear spiral fractures and shattered teeth, indicating, the team says, that the breaks occurred when the material was still fresh.

“The evidence we found at this site indicates that some hominin species was living in North America 115,000 years earlier than previously thought.

A concentration of fossil bone and rock found at the site.

But other observers question not the dating methodology but the interpretation of the site as one where butchering took place, instead of one where a mastodon died a simple, lonely, and natural death.

“Broken bones and stones alone do not make a credible archaeological site, in my view, especially without a detailed description of their broader geological context,” Erlandson said. Torben Rick, director and curator of North American archaeology at the Smithsonian Institution, also expressed his doubts.

He added that the material was found in a stratum of earth that pre-dates the conventionally accepted arrival of modern humans in the Americas — typically estimated between 14,000 and 16,000 years ago.

(See a recent find from this time: “16,000-Year-Old Tools Discovered in Texas, Among the Oldest Found in the West“) “When we first discovered the site, there was strong physical evidence that placed humans alongside extinct Ice Age megafauna,” he said in the statement.Archaeologists in San Diego are reporting a find that they say will upend our understanding of human history in the Americas.Some experts, however, are greeting their claims with robust skepticism.The claims stem from a site in San Diego County, along State Route 54, that was found in the early 1990s to contain the scattered remains of an Ice Age mastodon.A new analysis of those bones concludes that the mastodon was butchered by humans.And, while no material at the site was dateable using radiocarbon, the researchers measured levels of uranium and thorium that produced the extraordinary date of 130,000 years.

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