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She accompanies the Angel Investigations team on a mission to investigate a new vampire cult, but soon betrays them to their enemies. branch of Wolfram & Hart, as a member of the secretarial pool.

Despite this, Cordelia insists on giving Harmony a chance, while rest of the team grows increasingly frustrated with her habits such as popping gum or tearing pages out of old, irreplaceable books.

Singer Shawn Mendes is dating Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello, a source confirms to E! We're told the two have been friends for some time and got to know each other while Mendes toured with Austin Mahone and the-formed girl group.

The insider adds that the pair really like each other and laugh nonstop when they're together.

hitting Eve in the face a few times) to get information, helping Wesley search for information about Knox's plans, and aiding Lorne in protecting Eve from her replacement as their liaison to the Senior Partners.

She strikes up a brief friendship with Fred Burkle, though her relationship with Illyria, the demon who later inhabits Fred's body, is quite frosty.

She clears her name and ironically saves a demon summit by staking her scheming rival on a conference table with a pair of chopsticks, since the demons required a W&H employee's death to seal their deal.

Despite her incompetence, Harmony manages to prove a 'sort of' asset to the team, 'torturing' Eve (i.e.Harmony Kendall is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon for the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel. Originally cast as a minor character, Mc Nab's credited status elevated to guest star and ultimately series regular over the course of her tenure in Buffy and Angel.She subsequently appears in the second episode of Season One, "The Harvest," and makes appearances throughout the first three seasons, and then a larger role in another two.In the episode "The Wish," a vengeance demon grants Cordelia's wish that Buffy had never arrived in Sunnydale.Harmony appears in the alternate, hellish reality, again a follower of Cordelia's "Cordettes." In the final showdown with Mayor Wilkins during his Ascension in the episode "Graduation Day," Harmony (as part of an attempt by Buffy to help organize a student resistance) is killed/sired by a vampire.After separating from Spike, Harmony wants to be an independent, strong vampire who can get by on her own; accordingly, in the episode "Real Me," she gathers her own gang and makes her own attempt to kill Buffy, which ends in disaster.

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