Harrisburg speed dating

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Harrisburg speed dating

The Ambassadors meet this goal by giving campus tours and personally interacting with prospective students to our Campus on a regular basis.

As the organization strives for excellence, every Lion Ambassador must show energy, enthusiasm and commitment to achieve the numerous goals of the Organization.Lion Ambassadors serve a crucial role in connecting alumni and donors to the campus.Their knowledge of the campus and the ability to share it helps reconnect alumni and connect donors to the campus.Storytelling on the theme “It happened at the library.” Over 0 was raised for the Pennsylvania Library Association. Fear No Lit Reading Series – August 20th, 2014 @ Dogstar Books, Lancaster PA. List Poetry Workshop Station @ Ask Me: A Night of Awkward Speed Dating – June 28th, 2014 @ Fulton Street Arts Cooperative, Lancaster PA.Lancaster Transplant held a speed dating night for singles in Lancaster, PA.The Lion Ambassadors plan and execute several projects for the campus community including: Boobies Ball, Campus Ghost Tours, Day of Service, Speed Dating, Penn State Idol, and the Penn State All-Nighter (PAN).

Each is designed to provide a way for all Penn State Harrisburg students to interact and have fun.

Recruiting Prospective Students: The Lion Ambassadors of Penn State Harrisburg share their experience and expertise with all currently enrolled students who are interested in accepting their offer of Admission at our campus.

The Ambassadors make it their goal to provide vital student leadership roles to the campus by assisting with both the Fall and Spring Undergraduate Open House as well as helping enrollment services.

An open mic night featuring Kimberly Ann Southwick.

Fear No Lit Reading Series – October 15, 2014 @ Dogstar Books, Lancaster, PA. Story Slam Fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Library Association Youth Services Division – September 28, 2014 @ Aussie and The Fox, Lancaster, PA.

At one of 15 stations, daters worked together to write a collaborative list poem.

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