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Fit: true to size Drop: 8mm Weight: 320g($140, Astral is best known for making life jackets and water shoes that seasoned river guides won’t launch without, so it’s no wonder that its rugged TR1 hikers are designed for trail adventures close to the water.

Fit: runs slightly small Drop: 8mm Weight: 982g(9.99, This shoe is a primo choice for those who want a flat, “zero-drop” hiking shoe combined with Scarpa’s legendarily solid, supportive feel.

"As I got closer a head came out from behind his shell and that's when I noticed the snake," he wrote.

"I started taking pictures and the snake just started slithering on top of the tortoise as you see on this video." The video shows the tortoise take a casual stroll while the snake rides on its back.

Even though these are on the heavier side in this category, they feel light thanks to a more flexible leather/nylon upper and a light foam midsole that makes them almost feel like sneakers.

Even then, they pack all the features you'd expect from a chunkier clodhopper: Megagrip-boosted Vibram Escape outsole, waterproof liner, ultra-comfy removable Ortholite footbed, and a low profile for moving adeptly up a trail.

I wouldn’t take them out when rain or cold temps are the in forecast, though: They don’t have a waterproof membrane, and while the breathable upper comfortably kept my sweaty feet cool during an hours-long hike, it wouldn’t provide much insulation when in chilly weather.

Fit: true to size Drop: 0mm Weight: 437g(5, Few American boot-makers have a heritage like Danner’s, but the company was obviously thinking of the future when designing the Explorer 650.Their solid handling on trails reminds me of my first pair of old generic all-leather boots that I wore until rocks started worming their way into my sole, but their modern technical touches make the Breeze III miles away from those heavy stompers.As a sweaty-footed bastard, my favorite feature is the air mesh panels woven into the tough nubuck leather upper, providing lots of breathability (plus toe and heel ventilation ports), even as the Gore-Tex waterproof membrane shields against splashes into cold creeks.Other standout features: the thin and strong laces tighten quickly and have a little integrated loop so you can keep them out of your bike chain, while the antibacterial Ortho Lite footbed minimizes smelly soles.Fit: true to size Drop: 10mm Weight: 270g(0, Thanks to its elevated heel cushioning, this flexible and nimble shoe looks like it’d be more suited to running the trails rather than hiking them.Considered a “mountain training shoe,” these were designed as hybrids, helping you hike quickly with confidence, run technical trails without a stumble, and even work as durable mountain biking shoes for those who prefer flat pedals.