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Hope0707 dating - Doing sex chat without loging

i got the same message today March 22/2008 at about pm it said that the person got my number from a friend and that i will never guess who it is then they say their name is hope0707 and to go to to see if i know them.

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i donno what the f*** this is so someone tell me bc this is the first i ever had this txt sent to me and im threw telus as well and as i read the posts above its the same axcept different addresses and i tryed findout out maybe there might be a site and no then i found this and read sumpost and i was like what the fuckk man i donno but this is trippy Oh My Gosh !!!

He states he got my number from a friend and If I did not remember him I can go on line and search this address to see if I recognize him.

Any one else do or have the same type of thing that could lead to finding out who this person is?

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