Idris elba dating white women

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Idris elba dating white women - dating science too

Elle also told the Daily Star Sunday how the Bastille Day star, who had been out celebrating winning an award:● Pretended to be Bond villain Blofeld and posed with her white cat on his knee as they discussed rumours he could be the next 007.● Admitted he was devastated after secretly splitting from his long-term girlfriend before meeting Elle.● Nuzzled her neck and growled as he told her: “Women love it when I do this.” Last night Elle told how Idris, 43, turned up at her home after meeting her pal in Mayfair club Drama.Hours earlier the Mandela star had scooped a best actor prize for his movie Beasts of No Nation at the British Film Awards.

When you think of the type of people who hate on interracial couples, certain people come to mind.

The hunky actor attempted to seduce busty Elle Bretagne after seeing phone snaps of her.

Despite using his best pulling tactics – which included nuzzling her neck and even growling – he had to make do with just a cuddle.

Elle said: “My friend asked him about being the next Bond and he just laughed it off.“She kept saying he was going to get the part and he smiled and said ‘No, no no’.

He was very humble.“I have a cat that is white and looks like the one Bond’s nemesis Blofeld had in From Russia with Love.

But Naiyana and Naomi were far from his mind when the lusty heartthrob asked Elle if he could join her in the bedroom.

Elle said: “Idris kept trying to pull me on to his lap and kiss me.“He was being incredibly flirty and was making it clear he wanted something more than hugs.“At one point he was putting on this low gravelly voice and was saying women found it sexy.“He was doing it and nuzzling into my neck and kissing me, but it sounded more like he was growling.“It was obviously one of his best pulling techniques and I’m sure it’s worked on lots of women, but to me it just felt a bit awkward.”At around 4am Elle decided to call it a night – but Idris wanted to carry on the party in her room.She explained that her “wince” was not personal but based on the history of black america. The same white women who sat next to me in class, talked with me, got drunk with me, some of whom I thought of as close friends could not seem to fathom what the hell Aaron and I were doing together.“When our people were enslaved, ‘Massa’ placed his Caucasian woman on a pedestal,” Scott writes. I know for a fact that several of these women asked Aaron why he was with me instead of a white girl! Recently, I stumbled on an article that put some perspective on this troubling issue.To be clear, I do not mean, violate federal hate crime law, KKK hating type of people.I mean the type of people who make sly comments about zebra couples or throw around words like “race traitor.” For many, I think black women come to mind.After seeing snaps of shapely Elle, who has appeared on C4 show First Dates, he demanded: “I HAVE to meet Marilyn.”The actor asked if they could go back to Elle’s flat – where her pal was staying – in Kew, London to carry on the celebrations.