Improvements in dating of rocks and fossils

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Improvements in dating of rocks and fossils - Adult dating ads no sign up no registration

From experience, I expect that we will continue to see these false reconstructions used for many years to come and that is certainly fraudulent.

Whale evolution in question is a much more suitable title.

Transitional forms, as understood by Darwin, are those forms in the very "act" of evolution...

for example giraffes with short necks, turtles with no shells, elephants without trunks or starfish with only three "arms".

The article is about the three key fossils that are claimed to link whales to land animals. is a basilosaurid too, so it also provides no link to land animals.

Regarding the 'assigned dates', there is plenty of justification for being highly skeptical of such 'dates'; see, for example, The pigs took it all.

The alleged evolution of land animals from sea animals... Also there is a tendency among evolutionists to conflate "intermediate" forms with the "transitional" forms Darwin imagined.

Intermediate forms are simply those forms that share anatomical features of other animals that allegedly descended from them or with other animals from which they allegedly descended.

Although there are powerful motives to maintain faith, in their hearts they have to know that they hope in a fraud.

And that sometime the voices saying "the emperor has no clothes" will be heard and the world realize that it is true. is ludicrous and defies evolutionist's own cardinal principle that animals, via natural selection, will survive (and evolve! They should be evolving NEW structures and biochemical "improvements" to become the "fittest" --- NOT needing to leave ONE environment and venture into a completely different one.

His findings, published in a major 25-page Appendix to the new 2014 edition of his book, utterly destroy the whale evolution story. Even so, Dr Werner reveals that the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Natural History Museum in London have not stopped using the falsely-reconstructed skull that shows a blowhole (see figure 1).

In a should be classed with whales, based on its ear-bone.

Since you have such a mature faith, maybe you would like to answer these questions?