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They were approached by psychologists at three US universities searching for a way to switch the apparent gender of volunteers talking to each other through video conference software.At that point not even Hollywood studios had access to such technology.

However, through strict management if the disease through diet, exercise, pills and insulin injections, minor sexual problems usually recede and it is possible for the man to achieve and erection.

One aspect of this is the potential for diabetes to damage the erectile tissue leaving it impossible for a man to achieve or maintain an erection.

Almost 1 in 3 men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction.

For some women with diabetes, vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) can be recurrent.

Vaginitis can be brought on by a number of different ways including bacterial inbalance of the vagina (bacterial vaginitis) yeast infections (thrush) or from chemical irritation, such as from soaps or fabric conditioners.

Once trained on a person in this way, it can closely track every move of their face in video footage.

Those movements can then be transferred onto the face of another “known” person by calculating how the recipient’s features need to change to take on each new expression.

Doing that and displaying the transformed face takes just 150 milliseconds, fast enough to allow a conversation over video link to continue in real time.

To complete the effect, a person’s voice can be manipulated to match their new face.

The results will soon be published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Next, the team plans to use the system to test the effects of changing someone’s race instead of their gender.

So, having worked on processing human faces in video for many years, Theobald and Matthews set about creating software to speed up the process.

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    The presentation discusses the relationship between SW-PBS and academic gains.

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    All participants noted numerous benefits to text messaging.