Intp female dating

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Intp female dating

Mundane everyday activities make INTPs bored and unhappy.With such a creative and imaginative nature, INTPs are best suited to roles that can keep the mind stimulated.

A “thinker” will drill through all of the details, view a situation from all angles, and come up with a viable solution.They often spot liars very easily due to their extraverted intuition and their ability to recall and compare statements to zone-in on any incongruities.The INTP is a laid back personality that is happy to let things slide.Although these individuals are flexible and relaxed, they often appear shy or reluctant to meet someone new.This is often because they lack the desire to put up with everyday chatter that, quite frankly, bores them.This kind of individual is most likely to have a small group of friends, typically ones who share common interests and opinions.

Although “thinkers” may appear to be day dreaming or completely out-o-tune with their surroundings, they will pay close attention if they hear details that perk their analytical instincts.This type of individual is mostly concerned with what’s going on in his or her own little world instead of what might be taking place in reality.Being gifted with such a wonderful thought process, “thinkers” are more likely to view reality as a let-down as they compare it to the possibilities that they often think about.One of the hardest obstacles that a “thinker’s” partner may struggle to overcome is the ability to give this individual the amount of space and freedom that they require in order to be truly happy.For the same reason, “thinkers” may be wary to enter into a relationship out of fear that they will become stifled by their partner.The INTP personality is referred to as the “thinker.” This kind of person has a bright and curious mind that is always mulling over possibilities, theories, and what-ifs.

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