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Ipad live free cams no registration cam to cam

This is classic American enterprise—nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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Best, therefore, to follow modern practice, with a low-friction, light “ashtray” piston cooled by oil jets, just as were the pistons that powered Lockheed’s Constellation airliner.The new Indian Thunder Stroke 111 engine is running and I have seen it.Polaris Industries, a -billion-a-year corporation, bought the King’s Mountain Indian business in April, 2011.Five different renderings incorporating combinations of these features were considered, and the final choice has some salient features: outward-angled cooling fins on the heads (used even on Indian Singles); the contrast of large-diameter heads on the smaller-finned cylinders; downward-angled exhaust pipes; and prominent, large- diameter, parallel pushrod tubes. How does a major corporation decide to commit serious money to a folk memory?Indian is seen as the only brand iconic and powerful enough to challenge Harley-Davidson for the hearts and minds of American riders.Everyone has an “Indian story”—a family member who owned a Chief, who rode the Lincoln Highway to California on an Indian before the war, of someone who raced an Indian in hillclimbs.

Call this a “folk memory” if you will, but it has power and value.

At last, the Indian name is in the hands of people with the power to realize its potential.

Their task was delicate and multifaceted: to find out what the Indian name still means to potential buyers; to identify the unique visible and invisible features that made Indian iconic; and to translate those qualities into a modern form that can deliver the sophisticated performance required in our time, both on the road and in terms of durability, sound and emissions.

Powertrain design supervisor Dave Galsworthy noted that reciprocating weight “cascades” through an engine.

A heavier piston and con-rod small-end require larger bearings with more friction.

We’ve seen the process in the creation and success of the “New Beetle” and the “new” Mini automobiles.

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    And because you're in a lot of projects that are basically genre films, you have strong fan bases. One of the latest things I did was a little thing in Steven Spielberg’s , which is a drama. By the time you were into season two, it was clear there might not be a third season. And one of my concerns was, “If we don’t get picked up, what’s the arc of the season and what’s that last show? So it was fun dealing with that accent and getting after that guy in a real way, even while wearing these ridiculous clothes, with the big, huge top hat and collars that come up to your nose.