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In 2004, the company opened Fine Lines, a chain of stores that carries premium appliance brands.The Company filed for bankruptcy and closed all locations in April of 2017. Tagged as: hh gregg corporate office, hh gregg headquarters, hhgregg corporate headquarters, hhgregg corporate office, hhgregg corporate office address, hhgregg corporate office email address, hhgregg corporate office fax number, hhgregg corporate office phone number, hhgregg customer complaint desk, hhgregg customer complaints, hhgregg headquarters, hhgregg main office Am really sadden to know that the review that I just read is for HHGregg.

I’m disappointed, not to mention totally put out, that the store will not honor them.I WILL NEVER BUY ANY LG PRODUCT AGAIN, AND WOULD ALERT ALL OTHERS TO DO THE SAME….Reply I wish that I had known about these comments ahead of time.Reply I purchased a high end LG refrgerator 2 years ago. Parts are in short supply and in some cases have waited for 2 weeks for repair due to parts not being available, poor phone customer service…they have no clue as to how to help with an authorized repair company, by not indicating the issue with the refrigerator, when it was given to them in detail in a phone conversation…Even the repair company said that LG was the poorest supplier with whom they work for providing parts in a timely manner.This store has been nothing but one bad decision after another. Reply The people who work for this company are liars and thieves. The computer broke–the company they sent to repair it almost caught my home on fire.

Then they said they would return on a little over 0.00 to us. The check we got today was for less than 0.00 dollars. We have 2 washers we bought top loader and pedistool washer plus dryer last October with extended warranties.The floor was barely uneven, we fix that and we unplug the refrigerator for 12hours and the refrigerator still remain the same.I cannot put down what this man told me to do, but if you are interested give me a reply to this email.Warrentect apparently only has a couple people to answer phones & don’t seem to care if they help or not as they do not answer their phones.I hope to figure out a way to be reimbersed for the cost of the fridge & the worthless warranty I was sold along with it..A tech from “All Appliance Repair”, came to my house on 7/7/2017 arriving here late in the afternoon after waiting for the appt time between 8am to 12Noon.