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Always remember that this "FAQ" doesn't contain eternal truths, but just the opinions of the authors! There will always be some answers that can NOT be found in a short FAQ on the delicate subject of romance... *Sharing daily things with each other and showing undivided attention to that person. *By being there and being able to count on the other person. *I do his laundry and make his dinner for him when he is too tired to do them. *By telling me how he feels deep inside, opening up to me, and telling me every little thing about his feelings towards things. [...] From: [email protected](Laakso Dianna) ------------------------------------- Subject: seeing 'the signs' (body language etc.) [email protected](James Peregrino) writes: [...] closer to you than most people do. When standing and talking to someone I'm attracted to, I move just a little closer. You're much better off complimenting a woman on something she has some control over. Being nice is the quality that helps you keep the friends.

You could avoid kissing altogether: a small momento to remember the occasion with, a nice bow with a flourish, a good handshake, a wave goodbye, a gentle caress of her cheek.You could make it a neutral kiss: throw her a kiss, kiss her hand, kiss her cheek, kiss your finger and touch it to her lips. :-) Tell her (if you haven't already) how much you enjoyed the evening, and ask if she'd like to go out again.DO NOT tell her you're going to call her just to have something to say. "Aggressive" in my definition isn't wolf whistles or cat calls. It's showing some honest interest in something about a woman. Remember: advice is worth what you pay for it, and this is based on my experience. Since I actually got more responses from women (saying that many of the points applied equally to women, too), I'm going to divide this up into sections. Not everyone is going to want what you've got, great as it might be. But when they smiled that special smile at me and only me ... If their Weight isn't quite Proportional to their Height (WPTH), so what? Try as hard as you can not to get involved with people who are married, no matter what they say about the state of their marriage, unless they're separated and have filed papers for divorce. Think about what you say before you say it, from the point of view of hearing someone else say it to you. I hate to say this is this section, but I think it may apply somewhat more to men then women. You may have a great mind and a stunning personality, but if your potential sex partner has to hang odor eaters around you, it's making the situation just that much more difficult. Forget about the idea of getting into bed with a woman with the intention of both of you keeping your clothes on all night, unless that's the way you want the relationship to be for the rest of all time, or unless you happen to be into the sex game called "I'm a priest, you're a nun". What she's often looking for is comfort and reassurance and knowing that you're there. No man will *ever* absolutely understand women, hundreds of books oriented towards Understanding Women to the contrary. Lots of guys have enough lack of self-confidence without playing *this* game. It's taking some initiative and not waiting for madam perfection to drop into your lap (which you as a "nice guy" deserve by definition, of course). I'd be interested in comments from women as much as men. Wilczynski) ------------------------------- Subject: More on Men and Women Because of a flood of positive mail (well, a small flood) in response to my recent posting about relationships between men and women, I thought I'd pass along a few more random observations. If a person doesn't want what you're selling, the person isn't in your market! Remember all those pithy little sayings like "beauty is only skin deep"? Some of the most beautiful women I have ever known you wouldn't notice walking down the street. [This section's a little tough for me because, frankly, I don't really understand women.2 #8# Dating 2 #9# Sensitivity training 2 #A# Backrubs and massages 2 #B# Fireplace scenes and the RFA 2 #C# Breaking up 2 #D# Flowers and their meaning 3 #E# "I love you" in various languages 3 #F# ASCII graphics 3 #G# Mailing list(s) 3 #H# Literature 3 Search for the string #? Don't expect an appropriate answer to any of your questions in this "FAQ"! Don't wait until you see the woman of your imagined dreams before you strike up a conversation. The nice guy remains single and frustrated (also known as LJBF: "let's just be friends").

When it comes to romance no question has one simple answer, but many different answers. Yet you can find many interesting ideas that could inspire your creativity. 1) Because you'll probably at the very least get a suprised smile which will make you feel *lots* better about yourself 2) Because they might say something back to you, and then you're talking Don't worry about saying anything else. If you want to be brave, and it's the right situation (not passing in the hall, for example), you could try "I don't think we've met ... Try to talk to any woman about anything without making a pest of yourself. a) The woman probably doesn't need to discuss her boyfriend when everything is fine, so the nice guy may form a unjustly negative image of the boyfriend. People labeled "nice guy" usually fall into the last category; people can be nice without it being the defining facet of their personality. Being inoffensive, shy, boring, lacking self-confidence: almost always bad. They are not loud or aggressive, and generally despise men who are, usually on the grounds that such men are insensitive and heedless of hurt they do to others. They would generally rather avoid an argument rather than let one develop.Any comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome! very interesting) does she appear inordinately happy about that? ;) You'll see it in her eyes..she thinks things are going well and that you're interested in her too, then it will show. Don't take it as a sign of non-interest if she doesn't take hints like that. I look him straight in the eye, and hold his eyes a moment longer than I would in ordinary conversation with just anyone. Wilczynski) ------------------------------- Subject: Nice guys / meeting women I've been reading a lot of postings from guys who are having problems finding a relationship. What I finally realized, after a *long* time, was that I was waiting for "something" to happen, and it didn't. With rare exceptions, women are not offended if you make a pass at them, as long as it's done with some amount of taste. Unfortunately, assholes are generally pretty self-confident. (slf) "Being *nice* is not enough." Okay, fine, you're *nice*. (Pooh) Maybe the cause-and-effect are backwards; guys who attract lots of women are jerks because they don't have to be nice.

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