Junjin and lee si young dating

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action=view¤t=20090619_jjlsy_572.jpg"][img] Mochi/th_20090619_jjlsy_572.jpg[/img][/url]After Jun Jin and Lee Si Young were reported and confirmed to be in a dating relationship last Friday, everyone was looking forward to the press conference where Jun Jin would announce and make their relationship official.

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But with Jun Jin and Lee Si Young now a real couple, it does fit the concept of We Got Married Season 2 and they would bring more star power to the show, and more variety since there's only 1 couple right now. But on the other hand, Jun Jin is entering the army within this year while Lee Si Young has lots of acting assignments on her schedule. Both management agencies have acknowledged the relationship between Jun Jin and Lee Si Young and expressed that they just aren't ready to announce their relationship to the world as yet.

Another insider revealed that both Jun Jin and Lee Si Young treasure this relationship a lot and hope that their fans will give them their blessings.

Jun Jin's manager revealed to the media this afternoon that the press conference was a misinterpretation and was something that hasn't been confirmed at all.

The both of them also announced that there are no plans for a press conference at the moment.

I really want them to last so I hope they will not go back to WGM!

i hope this show just brings back the ones with good feedback...the joongbo & ant couple!!!According to Junjin’s management company on 3rd Sep, “The two of them have parted for now, but on good terms.We’ll release more information soon.” Shortly after, a spokesperson said, “It’s true that Junjin and Lee Shi Young have split up.” The couple had officially announced that they were dating since March, and this announcement brings their 6-month relationship to an end. wow, i would never thought that she is playing boxer. the best drama that she in is the birth of the rich. Junjin and Lee Shi Young have made a surprise announcement of their break-up.Lee Si Young also wrote on her [url=" [/url]that the press conference talk is not true and she personally hasn't heard about it at all.