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U-turn makes a deal with the Armenians to split the proceeds of the MILF weed heist equally; the Armenians leave.Kat abandons Shane in a diner; he tries to drive back to Agrestic in Andy's van.

At U-Turn's behest, Conrad and Heylia start a grow business.

Nancy turns to Guillermo—the leader of the Mexican dealers—to get protection when the bikers threaten her family after she refuses to sell their low-quality "ditch weed".

Guillermo decides to burn down the bikers' marijuana field, causing a huge fire which spreads to the Agrestic area.

At that time, thermal cameras spot the stolen cross and the DEA moves in.

Nancy takes advantage of the fire and pours gasoline throughout her house and lights it with a match, ensuring that she and her family will be leaving and moving on, and there will be no evidence of their drug activities.

Andy and Abumchuck track Kat and Shane to the diner; Abumchuck then abandons Andy.

Andy eventually finds the van, which now is under an Amber Alert.

Andy has a brief excursion into the pornographic film industry, at the same house, and later befriends a group of bikers while trying to score with one of its female members; they want him to start selling their weed.

Nancy and Conrad become lovers while hanging out at the grow house, but Conrad realizes he has no future with her.

Silas is arrested for stealing surveillance cameras and vandalism to city property.

U-turn releases Nancy under supervision to find the MILF weed.

But Groff's gift—a new house in Majestic—to Celia leads to jealousy, and Doug begins sabotaging the Majestic city infrastructure, although it is already too late, as Celia puts it to a public referendum.

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