Kaspersky7 updating non blacklist guide

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Kaspersky7 updating non blacklist guide - dating by cities

Security is largely based on how we use these lists.In the main, we either allow what’s on the whitelist and prevent everything else; or we prevent what’s on the blacklist, and allow everything else.

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“But it requires you to think more about how software arrives on your systems and whether or not it is trustworthy.We reinforce identity with lists of known intent: a whitelist of frequent flyers or VIPs whose intent is known to be good, and a blacklist of terrorists and bad people whose intent is known to be bad.Cyber security is the same: based on identity and intent we maintain whitelists of known good (or at least acceptable) behavior, and blacklists of known bad (or unacceptable) behavior.I suspect that most of the e-commerce world would be lobbying very hard to put down this version of whitelisting.” So one of the strongest arguments in favor of blacklisting is the problems concerned with whitelisting.However, Henry Harrison, technical director at Detica, points to a specific problem with blacklisting.“Intellectually it makes perfect sense to only allow execution of the files that you know to be good.” But maintaining this whitelist is difficult.

“The problem comes when you have to register or re-register every DLL every time you install a new, or patch an existing, application.

“Anti-virus blacklisting,” he says, “is based on the idea of detecting things that are known to be bad and stopping them.

But it simply cannot detect things that are bad, but not known.” Zero-day threats are not known simply because they are zero-day threats – and blacklisting merely lets them in as if they were good.

But identity on its own is not enough – we also need to understand purpose.

We need to identify the person or process, and decide whether the intent is good or bad. They prove identity, but do not tell us intent: is the intent of that identity to do good or bad?

Which people do you allow to install their own software, and which people do you stop?

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