Kate hudson dating alex rodriguez

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Kate hudson dating alex rodriguez - spiritual dating websites uk

It would only make sense that New York Yankees third baseman would date former professional wrestler Torrie Wilson.

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STORY: Kate Hudson wants to date a 'hot' guy - like Brad Pitt!

For those of us old enough to remember ‘Bennifer’ (Mark One)—the collective noun for Ben Affleck and Jenifer Lopez that some would argue started the modern day obsession for conjugal celebrity portemanteau terms—comes happy news; Jennifer Lopez is now dating Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez, 41, was, claims, recently backstage at one of J.

Page Six quotes a source as telling the column that the couple have “so much in common” and have been “seeing each other.”This leads Page Six—which claims to have confirmed the news despite the absence of an official comment from their reps—to speculate, inevitably, on whether they should be known as J-Rod or A. Lo’s Las Vegas gigs during her “All I Have” residency at Planet Hollywood, while she liked an Instagram image that Rodriguez posted on Wednesday announcing he’d joined Fox Sports as a full-time baseball analyst, so, you know, it must be love.

While the two-time American League MVP has been waylaid by injuries in recent seasons, he was -- in his prime -- perhaps the most impressive physical specimen in baseball history.

Powerfully built but lean and agile, the three-time AL MVP clouted home runs with Ruthian prodigiousness and played shortstop like an over-sized Mark Belanger. So, while the authenticity of those other achievements is up for debate, there is no doubting that this guy constructed his body into as powerful and precise an instrument as he could.

After word of the A-Rod's presence in Boise during the holidays trickled back east, Murad found his eyewitness account of the ballplayer lightly exercising in high demand.

Rodriguez had split from actress Cameron Diaz, his previous girlfriend, back in September.

During his marriage to Cynthia, the couple appeared in the 2004 described her as "a workout fanatic with a hard-cut physique who appeared topless in an October 2001 edition of the skin magazine Playboy's Casting Calls." Based on the rumored relationship with Wilson, it certainly sounds like Rodriguez has a type.

This makes it all the more confusing that he dated Kate Hudson.

Seeing as how that pair's most famous moment involved Diaz feeding A-Rod popcorn at the Super Bowl, this gym sighting seems more his style.

Moreover, Wilson is hardly the first buff gal that he has been linked to.

The couple, who have been linked to each other since March, put on a loving display as posed for pictures at the Los Angeles premiere of star cut a classy figure in a stylish pair of embellished flares by Michael Kors Collection, which was teamed with a plunging black blouse and an Edie Parker clutch bag.

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