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In January, it was revealed Michael Strahan’s 27-year-old girlfriend had a criminal past.

“His background is football, not journalism,” a source told Page Six, adding that they would be easing him into the hard-hitting news. “I wasn’t surprised by her reaction at all, but I can’t control somebody else’s actions.” He was supposed to be on the cover of that week’s People magazine, but was booted to make room for Brangelina’s split.

Kelly and Michael continued to co-exist at the office and the pair even nabbed a Daytime Emmy for their show, but neither of them showed up at the ceremony in Los Angeles to claim the award.

On the bright side, things seemed to be going well for Strahan and his criminal girlfriend, who were spotted out on a date during the aftermath of the scandal.

Which is fun but challenging.” At the end of May, speculation about who would take over for Strahan was all anyone could talk about. When you get a break, sometimes you kind of go, ‘Wow, I kind of needed it.’ I needed a break.” His arrival at “Good Morning America” sparked a whole new set of rumors at ABC.

Names from Anderson Cooper to Fred Savage were floating around. “I really haven’t missed it,” he told Chelsea Handler in his first interview post-“Live.” “But I loved it. Sources said that Lara Spencer might be leaving and that George Stephanopoulos would focus more on politics while Strahan took a lead anchor position.

She may have a criminal record, but Strahan’s girlfriend can rock a bikini. Prior to the move, he appeared frequently on the morning show as a correspondent.

However, the scandal could have been defused if ABC had just told his “Live” co-host, Kelly Ripa, about the shake-up.

He remained tight-lipped about everything that happened, not granting interviews to the press.

“I get the desire to move people to other places where they are needed. “However, what nobody considered is there’s a whole other group of people that it really impacts, because we have to now find another great person.

Strahan co-hosted his last show on May 13 and after the show, sources told us that Ripa and Strahan had a private reconciliation.

“It was all very positive,” the source told us of their talk, but even as they made up, the mood of the staff was “celebratory” after he left.

“I am fairly certain that there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts in case I drift too far off message,” she joked. After 26 years with this company, I earned the right.” She said that over the past couple days, the situation opened doors to better communication, consideration and respect.

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