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I'm sorry I don't know who you are," Frank says, referencing the recent press conference exchange during which the Carolina Panthers quarterback laughed at a woman's question about wide receiver routes."No I didn't interview Cam Newton, but if you want to talk routes, we can do that, if you're going to go there, Frank," Rutledge says. We've been sitting here this entire time talking sports.

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We caught up with Rutledge last Friday on the set of "SEC Nation" prior to Alabama's home game against Tennessee, where we discussed how she handles exchanges like that, plus what she loves about Tuscaloosa and how she met her husband at an Alabama tailgate.

Listen to our conversation, or read it below: How common is it for you to hear comments like that whether it's from callers, fans, people at the workplace, players or coaches? One of the things about the Finebaum show is that it's been around for so long.

I am very new to it, and I love every moment of it.

I've been a huge fan of the show for so many years.

LR: So I was actually here about a week or so ago shooting a feature for "SEC Nation," and I text my husband that I think I could move to Tuscaloosa. My producer and I were doing some digital hits before the game, and he said let's stop by the Alabama baseball tailgate. I thought well he's probably like a big deal in Tuscaloosa and a smooth operator.

Somebody told me "He runs Tuscaloosa," and I was like "I have no interest in that." So we really didn't talk that much that night.LISTEN: Laura Rutledge's exchange with Finebaum caller Frank "I'm sorry, is there a woman in there right now or...?" "Yes there is, Frank." "Did you interview Cam Newton?While Laura Rutledge says it isn't common to hear her gender brought up in her job as a member of the sports media, it does occasionally happen.And sometimes it happens on live television and radio, and Rutledge has to respond instantaneously.Everyone has their own way, and they're entitled to their own opinion.

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