Matsumoto jun dating inoue mao

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Matsumoto jun dating inoue mao - nj dating events

Well I guess here's one pairing I wanted to come true, it has become real. They met in the set, got paired on-screen and fell in love in real life.

Matsumoto was also linked to other actresses like Nakama Yukie and Shibasaki Kou but Mao has always been the favorite.Awhile ago someone had asked me if I believed Mao and Jun broke up and then got back together again.I told the anon that, yes, I am pretty sure that happened.I mean, they even appeared in one magazine back 1999 when they barely knew each other. I have a little hypothetical timeline for Jun’s dating in my head because of my Maotsujun shipping.I personally like to think the two are unrelated whatsoever, that Mao and Jun broke up because they wanted different things from the relationship at different times (this is easier for me to understand because Mao is much cooler and easy-going in comparison to Jun’s constant intensity). Like, it would suck for Kou if she was a rebound, and it would suck for Mao if Kou was a stick in Mao and Jun’s relationship.

So it’s easier for me to just go with the idea that Mao and Jun broke up because of different goals in the relationship and Jun started dating or seeing Kou.

Someone laid out a timeline of Jun’s rumors with other women awhile ago, but I lost it.

I don’t know if the thing between Jun and Kou was a fling, or something serious, or if it even “caused” relationship problems for Mao and Jun or what.

Since the end of Hana Yori Dango, rumors that the two are dating have forever circulated.

Since Arashi will be hosting Viewing tickets for the upcoming 65th Kohaku Uta Gassen has sold like hotcakes in prices reaching up to 300,000 Yen in auction sites.

I actively believe that Jun is extremely faithful to whoever he is dating.

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